Monday, August 31, 2009

Stefan Constantinescu: "Why I left Facebook."

Somewhere, somehow, Facebook started evolving into something that wasn’t very desirable. You knew MySpace was going downhill when you logged on one day and saw that you had a friend request from a bottle of Pepsi, or a can of Axe deodorant. With Facebook, it was logging on one day and seeing your mom, and your mom’s friends, trying to become your friend...

I also share a disdain for Facebook, but for different reasons.

For me it's seeing my real-life friends, all good and smart people, mostly ignoring the opportunity for high-level public discussion and choosing instead to celebrate the most inane things you can imagine.

Post something about copyright reform and there's nary a peep. But share a video with a talking goat and people are all over it.

So much for "wisdom of the crowds"...

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