Friday, October 16, 2009

Wow, you can do that...? New Dell owner rejects Windows license, donates refund to Linux Mint.

I do not agree to the terms of the Dell Software Licensing Agreement or the Microsoft Windows End User License Agreement.

I confirm that I have not used any of the software, have not opened or broken the seal on any software packet and have deleted all preloaded or embedded software from my Dell.

1. How may I promptly return the disks and other software items to you?

2. How will you refund the cost of the software? I note that Windows Vista Home Premium retails at £133.96, Microsoft Works at £39.99 and Cyberlink PowerDVD at £39.99 today, which means a total refund of £213.94 is due.

best regards

I think this dude is my new hero...

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