Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's taking Android so long to gain market share? I can think of two things...


A recent Gartner report, made available on Computerworld, predicts a 12% market share growth for Android mobiles by 2012.

The impressive growth of the Google O.S. would position Android in second place in the top 7 operating systems globally. Although it is predicted to surpass iPhone in usage, the Android win is Symbian’s loss, which is predicted to fall to 39% in 2012.

Keeping in mind that I'm merely an end user, I can at least tell you what's keeping me from considering an Android handset:

  1. Support for SyncML - Microsoft Exchange has no business on a supposedly "open-source" phone.
  2. Tri-band 3G - Nokia is finally getting around to manufacturing these. And hell, the original TyTN I was using three years ago had tri-band HSPA, even if the battery only lasted fifteen minutes. Certainly HTC can do better these days...?
... So what's keeping you from an Android device?

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