Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've tested five hot netbook Linux distros on two Eee PCs so you don't have to.

Seeing how I spent an entire afternoon distro-hopping recently the least I can is share my results with you...

1. Jolicloud (tested on Eee PC 901)

Without support for the kernel I couldn't connect to my home WiFi network, and thus try out the social networking features of this otherwise very unremarkable UNR-based distro. Note that you can also add Jolicloud to an existing Easy Peasy install.

2. Live Android (tested on Eee PC 900)

Wouldn't launch from my SD card. Moving on...

3. Lubuntu (Eee PC 901)

No kernel. Pass.

4. Moblin (Eee PC 900)

I honestly don't see what the big deal here is -- Moblin has a horrible interface, IMHO. Plus the WiFi wouldn't work.

5. Sugar on a Stick (Eee PC 900)

I really, really like this idea -- especially for kids -- but files aren't being saved to my USB stick for some reason. At least the WiFi works...

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